Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wine Country Century ~ Santa Rosa

This last weekend was our 3rd Annual ride at the Wine Country Century 2012 put on by the Santa Rosa Cycling Club - http://srcc.memberlodge.com/

This is a terrific event not just because it is in the gorgeous Wine Country. It is professional, very well organized, fully supported, the food is fantastic at the Rest Stops and the BBQ at the end. And, finally the people participating in the ride and volunteering on the day of the event are friendly and excited being there and engaging with others. 

We have done other rides that are good to very good, but this is definitely one that we look forward to doing year after year.

Apparently, we are not the only ones who agree. Very quietly the word goes out to get your entrance, as they limit to 2500 riders.  If you miss this notification or don't follow, you sadly don't get a ticket. However, not to fret, alot of times, people are not able to attend the event in May, so they post their ticket(s) for sale on places like Craigslist. That is how we had to get ours last year. Lucky us! :) However, one of our friends was on top of it and got our tickets, Yee-Ha!

At any rate, we signed up to do the 100 K but all of us weren't quite up to par.

Myself, I felt kinda sluggish for the first 15 miles until the first rest stop and ate. As soon as I ate, it was like the light switch went on, wow! If I had been feeling this good the first 15; I would have ridden the 100K.

Despite flying cell phones, sluggish riders, blisters, jet lag and having to use our MacGyver Rode Skills, a GREAT time was had by all.

After all, every rider has his/her day! And it is important to remember, it is NOT A RACE!
It is intended to be good, clean, healthy, fun! And that it was!
Thank you Santa Rosa Cycling Club for another Fantastic Event!

See you all Next Year!

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