Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2. 2011 - Rip Curl Pro

Weather in the 70's today (incredible for November), rode my bike down for the 2nd day of the Rip Curl Competition. Was watching Round 3 Heats and it was announced Kelly was doing autographs. So bike and camera in hand, I went over to watch and catch some choice shots. I politely asked his security if he would sign my backpack and he said yes.
So, I handed over so Kelly Slater - 11th ASP World Title holder could sign my lowly backpack, Wow and YEE-HA!

Also, as he was leaving the Rip Curl club house, I got a shot of his trophy and he looked straight at me, Sweeeet!!
On his way out, he was continuing to autograph things for others; photogs and videographers were clicking away, when I realized I was standing behind him, I pray I am not in the pics, as I had on one of my ravishing biking outfits LOL He was so generous with his time, mellow and what a sweetie!

At any rate, an AWESOME day! Check that off my bucket list!!

Blessings do occur everyday and the best ones are those that we least expect! Thank you! :):)

Pics copyrighted by R. Lazear. Sorry this pic of Kelly is a bit fuzzy, I took so many pics with regular camera, I filled the chip up and had to quickly grab by cell phone camera Took TONS of pics and videos, working on posting ASAP!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wine Country Metric Century May 6, 2011

Had a great time, except for Chalk Hill Road and my broken toe, but even the toe couldn't keep me down!

Weather, scenery, venue, people, and food were perfect. At times there was a bit of a head wind, but that actually felt good!

The Wine Country Metric Century is sponsored by Santa Rosa Bike Club. They are an amazing group and this is one of the best organized rides we've done. Will keep coming back year after year!!! Thanks for All You Do ! !

Thursday, April 14, 2011


“Life is like riding a bicycle –

in order to keep your balance,

you must keep moving.”

~Albert Einstein

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ocean Beach's Future

The Master Plan Open House for the future of Ocean Beach in San Francisco was held yesterday, January 15, 2011 at the San Francisco Zoo Great Hall. It was very informative.

It is not an easy solution as to how to address the erosion issues when you are dealing with man vs. nature, but strides are being taken to address this very task.

It seems that other communities along our Coast are also concerned, having the same issues and are looking forward to the future for viable solutions.

Thought this article was interesting inlight of the meeting yesterday for our beloved Ocean Beach's future...,0,85102.story?page=1

Happy Surfing, Walking, Cycling, Running, Dog Walking and just taking in the Majestic Beauty of Ocean Beach!

Friday, January 7, 2011