Monday, April 30, 2012


My Bear Friends are not only experts when it comes to Picnic Baskets and the Forest but they are great at givng sound advice on other matters like "sharing the rode." 

So, here is their "Advice for the Day:"

When out and about and enjoying a Walk, Run or Bike Ride and using Public Paths and Walkways that allow us to share with eachother, please remember these simple, common sense Rules:

1) Be aware of your Surroundings and Listen to what is going on around you, even if you are texting, chatting on the phone or with a friend by your side or listening to your music

2) Follow the SINGLE  File Rule - When people are approaching from the other direction, drop behind eachother, DON'T take up the entire path and DON'T continue to walk abreast.  

Not only is this inconsiderate but it is dangerous

3) Let someone know you are going to pass them by announcing your intent by stating clearly and loudy but politely, "On Your Left or Rignt."  Also, if you have a bell on your bike, chime it! 
But, don't assume that they'll understand or hear you, so repeat the process, if necessary 

Cyclists - This is particularily important for you to do!

4) Finally, always remember be aware, be polite, be safe and your experiences will be even more enjoyable!

Thank you and Have a GREAT Day!


Seems as though I haven't been riding as much this year for one reason or another and cannot always blame the weather. 

Have been on a couple great rides this year, one was in February in Palm Springs.

However, a freak storm started to come in which kicked up gale force winds the day of the ride and prevented us from completing the 62 miles we set out to do.  I was dissapointed because it was my first time doing this ride and wanted to experience the beauty of the desert via my bike.  Oh well, next time! 

At any rate, we managed to put in 35 Miles and get FREE microdemabrasion, hahahaha!

This past weekends weather was fantastic and trekked out through the Presidio and over our beloved Golden Gate Bridge and back.  That was a tad challenging since the side that is usually open for Cyclists has been closed for a few months for repairs and preparation of the 75th Anniversary of the bridge. 

The challenge wasn't the ride or the tourists trying to get that perfect shot of the bridge or city scape so much as it was dodging other cyclists who think they are
Lance Armstrong and can't bust their pace! 

Honestly, I never understand these people, if they are so great a rider and want a challenge then:

1) go earlier and avoid the peeps 2) take another route 3) do us all a favor and be patient and polite. 

Overheard, one of these very riders, who had been crowding me and then doing the same to the people in front of me say at the end, "that was painful."  To me what was painful was his cocky attitude and lack of road decorum!

Rude cyclist and people for that matter, who aren't polite is what gives us all a bad name!

At any rate, looks like it is going to be another beautiful day in paradise, so think I will try to get in a ride to prep for Santa Rosa this weekend (May 5th).

Happy Cycling and Remember ~ We all have to share the Road and Paths!