Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2. 2011 - Rip Curl Pro

Weather in the 70's today (incredible for November), rode my bike down for the 2nd day of the Rip Curl Competition. Was watching Round 3 Heats and it was announced Kelly was doing autographs. So bike and camera in hand, I went over to watch and catch some choice shots. I politely asked his security if he would sign my backpack and he said yes.
So, I handed over so Kelly Slater - 11th ASP World Title holder could sign my lowly backpack, Wow and YEE-HA!

Also, as he was leaving the Rip Curl club house, I got a shot of his trophy and he looked straight at me, Sweeeet!!
On his way out, he was continuing to autograph things for others; photogs and videographers were clicking away, when I realized I was standing behind him, I pray I am not in the pics, as I had on one of my ravishing biking outfits LOL He was so generous with his time, mellow and what a sweetie!

At any rate, an AWESOME day! Check that off my bucket list!!

Blessings do occur everyday and the best ones are those that we least expect! Thank you! :):)

Pics copyrighted by R. Lazear. Sorry this pic of Kelly is a bit fuzzy, I took so many pics with regular camera, I filled the chip up and had to quickly grab by cell phone camera Took TONS of pics and videos, working on posting ASAP!

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