Friday, October 15, 2010

Street Closure - Nike Women's Marathon - 10/17/2010

It is now Friday, October 15th (2 days before the event) and no one including 311 can find information about which routes and/or streets will be closed during the Nike Women's Marathon.

Yes, the triangular signs with florescent lettering are tagged on the streets posts that state NO PARKING etc.. but do I see a single notice stating alternate routes or a closure of Great Highway? I am all for charitable events like this, since we a non-profit, community based group, but let's disseminate ROAD CLOSURE information better, there are those that need to get out of the city and go to work.... But, as usual, the agencies contracted or hired to inform the public can't because MTA hasn't updated their information and circulated to the powers that be (e.g. 311, Police Department etc...). And, frankly NIKE doesn't have anything on there website.

Let's prepare better for next year and post on all websites ROAD CLOSURES well in advance and not the night before or having to guess by looking at a year old article. And, make the NOTICE OBVIOUS. Should not have to hunt for information, it should be on the 1st Page.

Thank you!

UPDATE: Just received, Even Harding Park Golf Course can alert people to Road Closures but
not MTA or Nike Site -


  1. Hey, just thought you might be interested to know we have what I think is the most complete explanation by any news organization about where the race will go and what streets will be affected. Hopefully people in the neighborhood will find it useful:

    - Tom Prete/OBB

  2. Tom, Thanks for the update and OBB is now on my FB. Take care, Renee