Friday, July 2, 2010

The Big RIDE

~ Our Team: Marjie, Rose, Renee, Bil (aka Dot) & Kathy ~

First, I want to thank every Member on Our Team who Participated and Supported this very important cause in Fighting to Find A Cure for Lung Cancer and Lung Related Diseases and For Clean Air by getting out the word, diligently fundraising, putting in countless hours, putting up with me, and helping me and others like me to Remember Their Loved Ones by supporting this Cause.

Next, we want to SINCERELY THANK EVERYONE who DONATED & SPONSORED us along this marvelous journey. You are our Angels and you were right there sitting on our shoulders Cheering Us On! Thank you from the bottom of Our Hearts!

Mere words cannot express how proud and appreciative I am to have you all in my Life!!!

Our Goal was to raise $2000 and to date we have all raised $1,900.00. We still are hoping to meet our goal and the Ride has given us the opportunity to do this by extending the Fundraising date to July 23rd. We have a few other donations coming in and I am confident that we will meet this goal and perhaps even exceed it!

Now that the Road Grime has finally been washed off and we have somewhat settled back into our everyday routine, but wish it could be like that scene from Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, again and again, we'll just have to settle for gearing up for next year and find something else to fill our days, like spending time with our friends and loved ones.

We had a wonderful day, the weather was perfect (light breeeze, temps in the high 70's to low 80's, next day was in the 100's), company marvelous, low traffic on the roads, no one was hurt, no leg cramps thanks to Zym, great music & food at the Festival and a good time was had by all!

Marjie had signed up for the 12 Mile leg & decided to try the 30 Miler & she did FANTASTIC. Now she'll have to do the 66 next year.

CONGRATS Marjie, you're a Road Warrior!

Kathy, Marjie & I will get Rose & Bil to do the 30 or maybe we'll shoot for the 100 (riggggght) so we can experience the pain together, hee-hee!

Click on this link to see more pics of the Wine Country Breathe Easy Ride 2010 experience and JOIN OUR TEAM next year:

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