Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Golden Gate Bridge

As a Native Californian, I have never rode my bicycle across the Golden Gate Bridge so, this past Saturday, June 19, 2010 I finally rectified that situation. Unfortunately, I picked one of our VERY WINDY days. People were being blown around, kids were crying, but all in all it was FUN, FUN, FUN and if I ever had a bucket list, I could mark this off....

Look at the poor little Girl behind me. Coming around this corner the wind almost knocked her off her bike, scared her and made her cry.

Poor Baby!

A lovely couple from Las Vegas took this for me.

To quote one of our Sponsors (Blazing Saddles Bike Rentals), "Bike The Bridge," and I did, Yee-Ha!

What a beautiful Bridge!

SHAKE CITY, how the bridge might look during an Earthquake, remember the 1st Superman movie?

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